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Facials Time (minutes) Price Description
Massage Modalities
"Not-So" Swedish 25/50/80 $65/120/160

A full-body massage designed for relaxation and tension relief. Your therapist will tailor your massage to address specific areas of concern, utilizing a range of light to medium pressure and traditional massage techniques of effleurage, kneading and vibration.

Couple's Escape Ritual 120 $440

A detoxifying steam shower preludes a 60-minute customized massage with Moroccan oil. An exotic date & wild honey back exfoliation prepares the skin for an enriched Dead Sea mud application to purify the skin. Rinse off in a side-by-side waterfall shower with a soothing back spray, & conclude the ritual with a 20 minute soak in our HydrotherapyTub.

Couple's Massage 25/50/80 $160/300/380

Indulge together in a waterfall shower with soothing back-spray to ease tense muscles and detoxify the skin. A customized massage for each individual follows. Served with a glass of champagne.

Custom Massage 25/50/80 $80/150/190

Enjoy a combination of all techniques to give you a truly tailored bodywork session customized to your specific needs. Customized pressure and your choice of complimentary "little luxuries" such as hot stones, luxurious massage creams or oils or pain relief gel make this a most harmonious service designed to restore a heightened sense of well being to your mind and body.

Deep-Tissue 25/50/80 $75/140/180

A firm pressured session to ease strained muscles and chronic pain. Slow, focused strokes, strong knuckle and elbow work break down adhesions and improve range of motion. Your therapist will ensure the pressure is comfortable for your conditions.

Flex-Appeal (Reflexology) 25/50 $60/100

Foot reflexology is a method of stimulating the reflex points of the feet, relaxing & rejuvenating each & every part of the body, including the glands & organs. Massaging pressure points in the feet allows the nerve network to boost the immune system, improve the physical body & avoid illness.

Hawaiian Massage 25/50/80 $70/130/170

Inspired by Hawaiian tradition, this session is sure to balance mind, body and spirit. Rhythmic motions of hands and forearms and a light and flowery glaze application create the feeling of gentle, tropical waves moving over the body.

Hot Stone Ritual 50/80 $150/190

The specially choreographed placement of hot basalt stones combined with firm strokes and kneading will increase circulation and blood flow to stimulate the healing of damaged muscles. The heat of the stones also aids in the release of toxins and waste from the body, while also promoting relaxation, easing stress and anxiety.

Maternal Massage 25/50 $75/140

Designed to alleviate leg, hip and lower back pressure caused by normal body adjustments during pregnancy, this massage also helps to reduce fatigue by aiding the circulatory and lymphatic systems to bring comfort and relaxation. Please consult with your physician prior to a pre-natal massage.

Seashell Synergy 50/80 $150/190

Imagine combining the soothing heat of a hot stone massage with the beauty of the sea. These all natural lava shells provide deep relaxation, increase circulation and promote the release of toxins. The calcium generated by heating the shells regulate the skin’s natural renewal processes and can help produce firmer, healthier looking skin.

Sleepy Time Massage 25/50/80 $70/130/170

Sandalwood, ylang ylang flower and vetiver root oils are blended and applied with Swedish and therapeutic techniques to promote calmness and induce a peaceful sleep. Skin is left soft and supple, muscle tension is banished and the powerful aromatherapy blend helps to sedate, soothe and quiet the mind.

Sports Massage 25/50 $65/120

A light to therapeutic massage incorprating stretching, breathing and rocking technqiues. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries

Warm Bamboo Therapy 50/80 $150/190

Bamboo has long been known for its healing and therapeutic properties. Incorporating both Swedish and deep-tissue techniques with warmed bamboo shoots penetrates heat deep into sore muscles. The result is an utter banishment of the body’s tension.

Massage "Little Luxuries" Add-On Therapies
Add Hot Stones $10

Facial Tension Release 10 $20

Relieve stress, TMJ and congestion issues.

Headache Relief Scalp Massage 15 $20

Banish that headache or migraine while stimulating healthy hair folicles.

Lavender Butter, Luxury Oils or Organic Emu Oil $10

Peppermint Feet Treat 15 $20

Warmed steamed towels, hot sones and a cooling peppermint creme application feet soft and tension-free.

Steam Shower 20 $20

Body Treatments
Blueberry Soy Slimming Ritual (Organic) 75 $170

An intensive treatment for the reduction of cellulite or lack of elasticity. A patented slimming massage along with organically aggressive slimming ingredients will smooth and reshape the body’s contours. Organic blueberry, guava, green tea, cinnamon, and paprika increase the metabolic rate, allowing the body to break down and minimize adipose tissue.

Infrared Heat Therapy 60 $130

Relax and detox simultaneously with the latest technology in infrared therapy. This infrared heat therapy encourages the sweat glands to cleanse and detoxify, ridding your system of impurities. Also stimulates the metabolic system and increases potential for weight loss.

Signature Body Masque & Massage Combination Therapy 100 $210

Includes a 25-Minute full body exfoliation using an all-natural sugar scrub, a 25-Minute full body masque therapy during which the scalp and feet receive extra attention, and a 50-Minute "Not-So" Swedish application of selected lotion or luxurious oil. Upgrade to a Deep-Tissue application for only $20

Signature Body Masque Treatment 75 $160

Includes a 25-Minute full body exfoliation using an all-natural sugar scrub, a 25-Minute full body masque therapy during which the scalp and feet receive extra attention, and a 25-Minute "Not-So" Swedish application of selected lotion or luxurious oil. Upgrade to a Deep-Tissue application for only $10.

Signature Body Polish 50 $110

Includes a 25-Minute full body exfoliation using an all-natural sugar scrub and a 25-Minute Not-So Swedish application of selected lotion or luxurious oil.

VersaSpa Sunless Spray Tanning 15 $32/$42

VersaSpa combines innovation after innovation to transform your skin in just minutes. Bronze, Hydrate and Smooth fine lines in one session. Enjoy the process as much as the results with a wide-open interior design.

Sophisticated Skin Care
02 Lift Oxygen Facial 50 $120

This oxygen-based skincare process provides a revolutionary treatment to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate your skin. With the added benefit of a pure plant stem cell enhancer, your skin will be rejuvenated while the signs of aging are prevented.

Advanced Resurfacing Treatments 30 $80/100

Custom tailored, highly effective resurfacing treatments (aka peels) can be a stand-alone service or added to any facial for superior results. Also great post-medical grade peel to enhance and prolong desired results.

Bringing Sexy Back 50 $130

Bringing sexy back to the most often neglected area of the body, this specialized therapy includes a deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and a customized masque therapy to reveal a sexy, glowing back.

Gentleman's Facial Ritual 25/50/75 $65/120/160

Devoting extra care to skin irritated by shaving & environmental aggressors, this treatment removes impurities, refines texture & restores hydration. Rejuvenate the senses with a series of steamed towels and massage for the face, neck, shoulders, scalp & hands.

HydraFacialMD 30 $135

The latest technology in nonlaser skin resurfacing. This is the only procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

Signature Organic Facial 25/50/75 $75/135/175

A truly unique belnd of all certified organic ingredients, patented massage technqiues, and a specialized booster to refresh and restore your skin. Our tailored therapies are offered in the following customizations - The Balanced & Beautiful (for Oily/Acneic Skin); The Soft & Soothing (for Dry, Dehyradted or Sensitized Skin); The Anti-Gravity (For Skin Laxity or Sagging); The Age-Corrective (For Fine Lines & Wrinkles); The Bright Skin (For Uneven Skin & Hyperpigmentation).

The Classic Custom Facial 25/50/75 $60/110/150

A classic European style facial therapy that adapts to fit any of your concerns - from acne to aging to sun damage - all while you experience complete tranquility. Cosmeceutical grade ingredients are FDA approved to actually treat living tissue.

The Hot Stone in Paradise (Organic) 75 $185

An exotic blend of tropical ingredients and a volcanic hot stone ritual will rejuvenate the skin, calm the mind, and relax the body. Your complexion will rediscover natural beauty, appearing rested, healthy, and radiant. Specially choreographed hot stone placement and facial massage takes your mind and body on an escape to Paradise.

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion Ranges $100

A method for facial rejuvenation to sweep away the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. Treatments may be performed to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, fine lines, wrinkles and shallow acne scars to help even out texture.

Sophisticated Skin Care "Little Luxuries" Add-On Therapies
Bright Eyes $20

Say goodbye to wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness! A three step organic process to brighten up the windows to the soul.

Collagen Eye Treatment $20

Refresh tired eyes with a collagen masque including silk and honey proteins. The skin around the eyes will have a more youthful, hydrated look and feel.

Collagen Face Masque $20

An ultra-hydrating masque designed to replace collagen and elastin, leaving skin looking and feeling soft, hydrated and youthful.

Collagen Lip Treatment $20

Ehance your pout with a collagen masque and silk and honey proteins designed to fill fine lines and plump up your lips.

Collagen Neck Lift $20

This pure collagen masque will add and stimulate collagen and elastin production to assist you with loose or sagging skin and jowels.

Decollete Indulgence $30

Pamper your most delicate area with our results-driven decollete treatment; includes exfoliation, masque therapy and moisturizing massage.

Luscious Lips $20

An organic exfoliation, masque and creamy citrus lip balm application completes this smoothing and healing process for kissable, pouty lips.

Youthful Hands $20

A hydrating enzyme masque and rejuvenating hand creme applied through gentle massage brightens and tightens the skin, and gives the hands a more youthful appearance.